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Road Deaths in Africa – The Facts
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) almost 1.2 million people per year die in road crashes worldwide and more than 85%of the road traffic deaths and injuries occur in low income and middle income countries, such as Uganda.  In fact more children died in Africa in 1998 from road crashes than from the HIV/AIDS virus and road crashes kill more young adults in Africa than malaria. 
The cost of a road crash is said to have “vast implications” for the affected parties: medical costs and loss of property, human pain, grief and lost work performance, potentially for a lifetimeThe burden from road crashes therefore tips many households in developing countries into poverty according to the WHO
In Uganda for example, 60% of all emergency admissions to the national referral hospital, Mulago are due to road traffic injuries, and 3 in 10 of these patients die within two weeks. And the largest number of road deaths is amongst pedestrians, particularly young people and school children, the majority of which walks to school all over Uganda. In an economy were at least half the population made of young people (15-25), Uganda is losing its future workers and leaders on its roads.
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