RoadSense Africa - Let's stop the carnage on the roads of Africa
RoadSense Africa was formed in response to this appalling neglect of road users, particularly in Uganda, which tops the list of road deaths in Africa.  RoadSense Africa is an integrated services agency that seeks to reverse this scourge of needless bloodshed and deaths on the roads in sub-Saharan Africa, starting with Uganda. Our aim is to garner, transfer and disseminate the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to achieve lasting behavioural changes amongst all road users that will contribute to the eradication of road deaths and traffic/road related injuries in Sub-Saharan Africa, particular during this UN Decade for Action for Road Safety (2011 – 2020)We aim help to save lives via education, and behaviour changing communication techniques that are underpinned by well researched behaviour and attitude changing tools used internationally known as Hearts and Minds.  
A unique mix of Services and workshops
At RoadSense Africa we are therefore uniquely placed to offer a range of services and communications products designed to effect lasting road safety behaviour change. We offer: ¨ Education and Behaviour Change Training for DriversThis is the raison d’être of the agency, drawing on years of research and experienceof professional driver behaviour change training and case studies in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America.  To achieve lasting attitude change to road safety we use a suite of tried and tested behaviour change tools for safe behaviour – called Hearts and Minds - which are based on over 30 years of research and used all over the world in high risk environments such as in the aviation and energy industries. Training is carried out in a series of interactive workshops which offers participants the opportunity to articulate obstacles to safe driving or even discover that they are engaging in dangerous driving and that they can take personal responsibility for their own behaviour on the roads.
¨ Safety Culture Awareness and Change for Haulier/Bus Company Owners/Management and Driver Supervisors
Road crashes never happen in isolation. Our unique approach to promoting safe driving is based on studies that have recognised that many problems with a driver’s attitude or competence are often due to contributing circumstances and external factors affecting the driver such as pressure of work or fatigue.  These workshops are therefore designed to discover the safety culture within the organisation that is likely to contribute to the underlying causes of crashes and injuries within that organisation.   This is because studies show that everyone has a role to play in driver behaviour, particularly employers and supervisors of drivers.  In this series of workshops, we learn how managers and driver supervisors can gain the tools to uncover their organisation’s safety culture and engage effectively within the business, in a way that that encourages safer driving attitudes – not only saving lives but money for the business in the long run.
¨ Road safety Campaigns/Behaviour Changing CommunicationsThis component of our services builds upon over twenty years of experience in international corporate communications/public relations gained across Africa and Europe.  Here we aim to provide behaviour changing communication campaigns, again based on a well researched model of safe behaviour.  Messages will be carefully designed to encourage a change in attitude and behaviour in the targeted road user community.
 ¨ Road safety Education publicationsIn order to re-enforce and encourage lasting behaviour change we offer our extensive writing and newsletter/magazine production experience of a range of road safety education publications. 
¨Road safety equipmentThe agency incorporated a provision to provide safety equipment, products and/or supplies required to fulfil activities and promotions on a case by case basis.  We aim to ensure that any equipment we use or propose meets the highest safety standards.  
A Pioneering agency
At the moment, RoadSense Africa is therefore in the unique position of being the only agency/consultancy in Uganda, and perhaps East Africa, that is purely set up to effect behaviour change and attitudes in road safety.  We are the therefore the only agency in the regionwith the capacity to offer this unique combination of services, skills and expertise that have proven to lead to road safety behaviour change.
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